Poland, signs of dissent appearing

Finally some signs of dissent from heavily US and neocon-oriented geopolitical discourse in Poland:


Just a bit self serving. Let’s write articles that can’t be verified, just make them up outta thin air to self confirm our emotional attachment to an idea or thought or feeling. One Russian missile lands on one Polish citizen, and will we see these types of bullschlitz articles being posted? And still hope they are real? Surely there are Russians in Poland that are pro Putin right? Heck we got pro Putin lovers running this show here!! So it’s not denial, but it’s so out of proportion to be disinformation. It’s misinformation to suggest any substantive amount of polish folks are pro putins war. End of story. It’s disinformation in that it’s intentionally designed to suggest a bunch of poles are anti war lol lol we’re all humane and anti war right and that changes when attacked lol lol easy to be anti war in Poland not so much in the Ukraine lol but it’s ok to spread misinformation. We see polls going blue and we see blue leadership and it’s affect, lol lol we see media blaming red for every pissy thing on the globe, reminding us we have a constitution, is now a crime and it’s blamed on republicans lol lol I read the ills of minority rule, written by leftists, referring to the scotus lol lol we see semi mental slow pokes dominating our marketing plans, we draw a cartoon of a life, ahhhh it’s so funny but it’s perpetual madness. The worlds ills more acceptable when it was a mysterious unknown unexplored wilderness but now it’s a crowded garbage dump melting flooded burning full of hate and no purpose. Decaying nuclear waste scattered everywhere, manmanipulated chemicals poisoning us ourselves as if we hate our own image the most of all, we are thoughtless. Algorithms won’t work, folks change unpredictably, stop blasting me with ads based upon yesterdays search engine inputs, I was cheating on final jeopardy I don’t want to vacation in Pakistan!!! There’s no midlife crisis figured into this? No binge drinking no toothaches just here!! Take this you need it…we’ll you know what? You drink it

This is a pathetic article where author put together opinions of handful of journalists from so called “right traditionalists” stating that The Academic Community in Poland has its Freedom of Speech severely Limited which was one of the subtitles of the article, proofs only one thing. If you have opposite opinion about war in UKR you can freely talk about in in Poland on variety of platforms.
I am shocked that, such a weak and poorly reasoned piece showed up on Sen. Paul website.

Poles are not neocons; we just remember in our genes for generations what Germans and Russians are capable of. There is little of unbridled love for Ukrainians in Poland since we all remember what Bandera allied Ukies are capable of. ( Wolyn massacre comes to mind), but overwhelming positive response to Ukrainian tragedy triggers memories of Soviet atrocities during WWII and after, hence our support.

This is what young Poles think about current war in Ukraine. We know that Russian are coming not today, not tomorrow probably in 10 years. Only Russian people can stop this imperial amok of Kremlin. Will they finally reach for their freedom?

This is how plenty of Polish young men will be spending their vacation free time