Possible Cyber Attack?

I thought I’d share this short interview with Whitney Webb who is tracking what seems to be a plan to crash the internet, possibly leading to required digital ID’S and or a pretext to attack Iran. She’s pretty sharp.


No need for Secret Societies anymore, now there’s cybersecurity for social engineering.

It really is falling into place.
The trap, as I see it, is not being able to function without the internet.

The world wide web that connects banking, commerce, energy, utilities, manufacturing, communication, travel, information, etc. Which of course trickles down to air, water, food, shelter, clothing and income.

Store food, wood etc.
There’s an off switch to civilization as we know it.

Couple that with foreigner arrivals noted in this recent post by @ColonelZ, a little dot connecting makes the internet-down scenario much more frightening. It won’t be a harsh recovery from a solitary bad event; rather, it will be the first of many attacks, fronts and methods.

Our enemies are methodical thinkers, playing the long game. Add in some smuggled technology, say drones, satellites, communications, and weapons… what significant opposition could we offer? Internet-down would be their beachhead. While we chaotically and blindly react (Judges 7) they will deploy the next phase which is likely to be legions of troops and equipment on the ground. This is all possible because the federal government has already been compromised and would be unwilling and therefore, unable to thwart it all.

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The Federal Government is definitely no longer “ours”.
Maybe the military still is? Who knows.

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What is the underlining motivation: financial and social control, the desire to depopulate or and response to an extraterrestrial and existential threat?
Whatever the conspiracy theorist thinks tptb are insane and appearing and acting very scared of something. The endless conferences whether it’s WEF or COP they are displaying the desperate actions of a frightened and insecure few. This does not bode well for us and there is a very palpable feeling that something truly horrendous is just around the corner and about to drop.


Satan’s pride, wanting to be worshipped like God. Man’s rebellious pride, not being humble and obedient before God. Financial, social and population control are some of the means to the end; the end being worship of Satan. Recent events and appearance of “advance technologies” (e.g., nanoparticles, quantum computing, AI, mRNA, 6G, vaccines, etc.), are facilitating transhumanism as we run pell-mell into one world government and one world religion.

I’m not seeing desperation at these conferences; instead, I see confidence and boldness as they incrementally and steadfastly advance their agendas.

With all said and done they are failing in all their efforts. No one takes Prince Charles, Klaus Schwab or John Kerry seriously, they are all being laughed at and ridiculed. They are failing. This may make them desperate for some success as they have failed to implement any of the significant goals of agenda 21. Dangerous yes as any insane cult with power would be.

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Biden does. The media does. The NEA does (teachers union). College professors do. Young people suing state governments do. California dam busters do. Tysons Foods does. Pfizer does. Wells Fargo does. Oil companies do. And of course, Greta does.

Each of these conferences advances their program. Maybe not always at the desired speed and course, the elites have relentlessly jibed and tacked their ship to that utopian port for decades now, if not centuries.

At least we agree that they are dangerous and insane.

They are Godless, and since most of the people I mix with have some form of God in their lives these pathetic would powers that be don’t directly effect me and even less scare me. Fear is all in the mind.


What is one tactic of conquering your enemy or inmate to have them surrender and do as you wish?
A siege, cut off their supplies and communication which is easily done when the internet goes down. You can bet the globalists have their survival methods down pat.

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Starlink +high effect portable battery with solar panels= profit?

Perhaps they don’t directly affect you at the moment, but these elites are intent about bringing it on. Pain hurts. Being cold sucks. I’ve experienced brief, non-life-threatening episodes of both. Never went hungry but have read accounts about people who did (e.g., Andes flight disaster 1972, Donner party 1846, etc.); it sounds most unpleasant and slow. Loss of liberty is yet another bad thing I haven’t suffered; never incarcerated nor have I been reliant on others for sustenance.

Just as the sword, famine, plague or captivity affected everyone in ancient Judah (by Nebchadnezzar of Babylon), we are facing the same possibilities in our time, here in the U.S. and all the west. The chances of a hungry gang kicking down my door, having empty cupboards and store shelves, or contracting some new disease have all increased because of these globalists.

The border invasion is proof positive the nation is tanking. Buckle up.

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This thread reminds me of Y2K… Which in retrospect was probably a FEMA-type psyop lol…

But it will be interesting to see how this cyber “attack” would manifest… because the organizations responsible for it would need to use those same digital technologies to control the narrative and collect data. So that would rule out taking out the whole internet or all the communications satellites… The cyber attack would have to be very specific like a banking hack… but that would be problematic if CBDC’s are being pushed…

I don’t know… but I think a cyber attack would wake millions of people up to the reality that digital systems like cbdc and qr codes are not a reliable or dependable. So I don’t know what kind of “attack” would be believable and productive. It might even help wake people up to the reality that digital cars can be hacked, digital elections can be hacked, and smart devices can be hacked too.

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Fear is the ultimate control feature to produce a neurosis.


I would not at all put it past these effing psychopaths to try and pull something off.

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Ok, ok, I see your point.

(You can’t make this up… it is only 30-secs)


What timing… “Sounding the alarm”