Presidential Funerals

Hi All,

I’m a Canuck. I live in a rapidly devolving First World Nation. We’re going to be a Third World nation soonest. The question I have is about your politics and protocols.

What happens if a President dies during or very close to the beginning of a Federal election?

Not saying I know anything so I hope the boys from the RCMP can save themselves some time, go hit up a Timmy’s instead. But what happens with the funeral? Will they election go ahead? Or will they put it on hold for about a week while the New President and Vice President spring into action to ensure a fair and fortified election? Or would they let it go ahead? Would there be a sympathy vote? Lots I don’t know this and I trust the collective intelligence of this forum to provide the answer.

Thanks in advance.


Please don’t give “them” any ideas for ways to not have a mid-term election this year.

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