Putin threatens use of nuclear weapons

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When the bombs start flying over my own head will I’ll give the world leaders and headlines any attention. One can’t make a deal with or trust crazy people, only drug or kill them.

Yeah well I tried to join the marines before this war started could have been at the front lines but they didn’t want me. I’m too old to join the marines now but maybe I’ll qualify for the army so I can die somewhere they don’t print newspapers anymore.

Trouble is, there don’t seem to be any good guys. Someone who claims they aren’t bluffing is usually bluffing…

I identify as a good guy myself and I believe I’m not the only one.

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If there’s an army of good guys, it seems unlikely they are with any existing government nor that their arms are guns bombs or bullets. Perhaps I am mistaken.

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Good guys who join or are forced into the military are sent through basic training to be brain washed to be killers when confronted with others who have been through the same training. Aren’t psychological studies wonderful? They can also be used to treat post traumatic symptoms upon return from the “war theatre”.

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Well the first u.s. marines were freelance mercenaries who banded together to put an end to the British occupation, but things sure have changed a lot since 1775.

Stolen elections supported by corporations of paid liars, among others. Would you fight to shield the Victoria Nuland/Joe Biden kickback scheme (Make Libyan Slave Markets Great Again!) to rape Ukraine, kill its youth, and pocket its assets?
If Putin had pulled out after 2 months, I would’ve thought there might be a good guy on the field. Looks pretty much like he is also on the take. Hope I am wrong, but wouldn’t want my husband betting his life on it.
Ephesians 6:13. Stand your ground, it’s harder than running around. This is a Mind War.

Research Steve Smith( try YoubiTubi) , f.x. his book.

Russia - no longer partial mobilisation…Russia is fully mobilisaing 100% ‘It’s a 100% mobilisation’: day one of Russia’s drive to build its army | Russia | The Guardian