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There’s a strange little story out of Russia that has slipped completely under the radar of most of the lamestream propotainment media around the world, but which, thankfully, was spotted by this website’s legions of article spotters and sharers, in this case, by J.R., who passed it along with our deepest gratitude. Needless to say,…


… in relation take a look at one Anatoly B. Chubais and his connections and especially Boris Berezovsky. His brother is one of my “peeps”. Hope he doesn’t turn out to be another Goebbels. Some people who study Philosophy somehow manage to come to an astounding number of wrong conclusions and unfortunately wreak great havoc as a result.

One also wonders if some of those “American Businessmen” who “helped out” could be brought before Russian Courts or The Hague.


Another ruse of Putin, before election. Yes, let’s unite poor Russians against evil of West who robbed us 30 years ago.
Where was he for the last 30 years. Aah!, yes liqidating one set of oligarchs and proping up another the ones loyal to him.
Not that he was completely oblivious to the damage it was done to Russia, by their traitorous elites.
No, I will give it to him, he tried(mostly for his own benefit. He is aparently worth somewhere in a range of 1-2 trillion dollars)
None of the less, at least he stopped a plunder and efflux of money out of Russia to some degree, before that country completely collapsed.
His counterparts from Soviet block countries didn’t even do that. Poland was loosing 60M a day, for a good decade of the nineties. Similary Hungary, Romania, Slovakia. Chechia got smarter and removed their commie apparatchiks out of any governmental positions for 10 years, after the fall of Berlin Wall.
How much the Ukraine lost?, the wealthiest out of all Soviet republics, one can only imagine.

Communism is a cancer on the individual and collective soul of the nations.


Excellent points. I think it’s typical of politicians to “stack functions” as Catherine says, in this case, a bit of domestic politics (your interpretation) and a bit of geopolitics (my high octane speculation).


I wonder if the Alaskans are getting a bit nervous. Sarah Palin might need to get her binoculars out and watch for the Ruskies coming over her western flank :laughing:!


Palin (Don’t cha know) is in Eagle Pass with Ted (I feel safer already!) And Dr. Phil. :upside_down_face:.
I feel an SNL Sarah skit coming on maybe this weekend.