Ralph Vaughan Williams.cello music

I really love this guy, Ralph Vaughan Williams.
I don’t understand all his choices, but I really like where he goes with it.
Im not too well traveled in his operas and ballets, but this is great if you like this kind of music.


One of my favorite composers! Cello, one of my favorite instruments!

Loved this piece long before the film came out and commend whomever chose the music.

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Love this one too!

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So good !
Very British turns there in the way he lands some of those bars.
Didn’t know he was used in that movie, but it’s very cinematic so it makes a lot of sense of course.
Thank you for this one and have a nice day :+1:

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Here’s the symphony without the Thomas Tallis theme at the end. I sense undertones of Iberian influence in much of his work.