This story comes courtesy of M.D., and it’s an indication that the puchback has begun in earnest. Ranchers, fed up…


Yep!! Let’s Go Local & Let’s Go Brandon!!!


I wish them well. Reviving the meat industry is going to be a critical step in getting through this mess to the other side. I hope a re-evaltuation of people’s relationship with a necessary aspect of healthy life becomes a part of this process. Having grown up on a beef cattle farm, I can tell you the current industry is riddled with big players and dirty deeds, suspicious potions and supplements and snake oil-men. Abbatiors are prime raiding grounds for organised crime, always have been, always will be. I hope these folks have got a plan to deal with the heavies when they come knocking.

For my money, if you’re looking to secure a source of meat, you need to get invested in it yourself. Buying shares in your food is the best method I can think of. Supporting a local farmer by buying a share of an animal or a herd is a way to share the ownership of your meat source, and securing quality for your family. Its not too hard to trace the source of your meat these days, if you actually believe the stickers at the supermarket, and working cooperatively is going to be the best way forward. We need to get closer to the source of our food if you want any hope of quality. There is a reorganisation of priorities coming, and securing your food is going to be a part of that reorganisation.

The Ag police will come after the local farmer “selling meat” without a USDA stamp so by the ranchers joining together to create small processing plants, they will be hiring inspectors for these “stamps” allowing them to LEGALLY. sell the product. As a rancher, I can legally give away my lamb or beef (or exotic venison) but can not sell it without sending it to a USDA processor. Thomas Massie, KY, has been pushing to allow small meat processing without the intense regulations thus bypassing some of these regulatory prohibitory costs.

I agree that it is no accident that movies show the crime associated with abbatiors, especially in these large processing plants. We need to decentralize our food resources, reducing the cost of transportation of both the animals and the product thereby decriminalizing the meat processing industry. Transparency.

… justa … may I suggest that in order to accomplish the task at hand that thought be given to “organizing” as a Kreasevangelion. Start a “religion” to spread the “good news” about meat. For ideas about how to go about doing so see the recent establishment of The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, also known as Pastafarianism (real, not made up for this post). This should enable the establishment of some 501(c)(3) status, and in turn this will enable you to accept “love” gifts (of whichever kind preferred - Eros, Agape, Storge, or Philia) for the meat. Viola (Wa-Lah) …problem solved.


, And Now for Something Completely Different …

The Architect (Human Abattoir) Sketch by Monty Python

If you listen carefully you’ll hear the attitudes of our Global Corporate Betters towards us, in the words of Charles Fort, “The Earth is a farm. We are someone else’s property.”


“and your bleeding Masonic handshakes” :joy:


A little fun from Algire on Masonic handshakes:

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