Ratzinger, Bergoglio and Malachi's prophecies

Researcher Mauro Biglino interviews Latin scholar Corrias on Ratzinger’s “resignation” as pope. Benedict XVI’s statement written in Latin provides clues indicating that he did not formally “abdicate”. Duration 34 min, in Italian with subtitle translation options.


Bummer, video is no longer there. Must have been a good one.

You can watch it on you tube and yes it’s good but you have to read subtitles.


Not Catholic and unfamiliar with the Pope-al history, but is this about right:?

Ratzinger continues to actually be Pope (manus) according to errors in his resignation (errors he would not have made) signs his name as Pope, wears the robes as Pope, still lives in the Vatican, but is unable or not allowed to do the ministry of Pope?

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Yes that’s about it. Another grey area involves the double nature of what we call the “Vatican”: the sovereign state called “Vatican City State” (Stato Città del Vaticano) with ambassadors and diplomatic immunity, and the “Holy See” that governs the network of bishops, priests and so on. While Bergoglio may be recognised as Head of that mini-State, there is pushback among clergy. These two areas overlap in Rome but also elsewhere with the useful expedient of “extraterritorial privileges” enjoyed by certain religious orders and so on, a “Byzantine” mess useful for tax purposes but also for avoiding criminal charges by national authorities.

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[quote=“DanaThomas, post:5, topic:1352”]
avoiding criminal charges by national authorities.
[/quote] Of course they need protection because of their great passion for the children.

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