Ray McGovern on Israels history and current conflict in Gaza

Ray McGovern on Israels history and current conflict in Gaza.

Ray McGovern is a retired CIA guy. He is “one of the good guys” and the first few minutes of this interview he breaks down “who done it” about the hospital bombing. Very kind man, the grandpa wisdom the world needs at this time.

He talks about Israel’s founding and actions since then. 1967 is a very horrific year of Israeli aggression. Without that knowing that history the current situation isn’t grasped. The USD Liberty anyone? That isn’t a “fake news” story. How many know that Israel attacked our Navy? A redneck sailor saved the day - and the Liberty escaped. 34 US sailors “were killed” by Israel. It was covered up… the history is powerfully articulated with wisdom depth.

Would Israel False Flag a Hospital? Have they previously bombed hospitals in Gaza? Yes to both.

This video is a deep and kind and true history lesson.

Starting to believe nelson mandela statement about “the home-team advantage”. Eventually all occupations are pushed back. There was a long period of time no one could have believe Britton would be pushed out of India. India is and should be proud of that history.

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