Read LBJ and the Conspiracy to Kill Kennedy by JPF

After reading the good doctor’s book LBJ and the CONSPIRACY TO KILL KENNEDY sent me in a few directions. First it is very easy to read, follow, and associate. Most of JPF’s books require me to slow down and re-read a lot, but not this one; perhaps, this is mostly because I remember these things happening. More importantly, however, the book sounded like now, only the names and dates were different.

As to associations, the book sent me to further explore a friend of some of my relatives. Mal Couch was there, a TV news reporter/photographer who filmed the aftermath, yet his film was never shown to Warren Commission. What film he took that remains can be found here: Malcolm Couch @ Prayer Man Although, he testified of others who had more information, they were never called as witnesses. His film was split into parts. He commented to a friend: what the FBI is trying to do is phooy (Texas for sh**).

Here is part of what he said in an interview:

Couch is interviewed in 2003 by the Dallas Morning News Looked but the interview is not on this link.

This appears to be a summary of the interview:

"Couch remembers someone shouting: “Look at the window — there’s the rifle!” By the time the third shot rang out, Couch had spotted about eight inches of the rifle protruding from the sixth-floor window, and being pulled back in. He says he never saw a face, though some witnesses did.

Moments later, Couch and his fellow passengers scrambled out of the car to descend on the madness of Dealey Plaza.

“‘God, don’t let them do this!’ I screamed. ‘They can’t kill the president!’ And I’m running like crazy. In the plaza, it’s mass confusion, total mayhem.” So much so that the events began to feel overwhelm his instincts as a photographer.

“I didn’t film the window,” he said. “It was happening too fast. I did raise my camera to take black and white footage of a policeman pulling his pistol and people falling, which everyone has seen for years. But then I stopped filming. Why? Mercy, goodness, gracious, I don’t know. When I ran back, I didn’t film anything. I guess I was just too dazed to figure out what was going on. So nothing was filmed until I got to Parkland Hospital, where I saw Jackie getting into a hearse. So I filmed the hearse and people crying all over the place.”

For him, the Kennedy assassination continues to be “a devastating marker.” It was, he contends, the opening of a 1960s Pandora’s box, leading to Vietnam and two more assassinations, which claimed the lives of civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the president’s brother Robert F. Kennedy, in 1968.

“That little piece of metal sticking out the window started it all,” said Couch, who teaches at Tyndale Theological Seminary in Fort Worth and who believes in the prophecies from the Book of Revelations.

“I count that as the change in America, from that point forward,” he says. “But for me, it cuts even deeper. The Bible speaks of the end of days. So I see it as the beginning piece of the train of the last days.

“And I was there when it happened.”"


Same story; different day.