Real event or training exercise? or both ... When Ya Comin' Back Dick "Red Ryder" Cheney?

Coming to a city near you … Be sure to see Richard Cheney reprise the role that made Marjoe Gortner a household name.

“Will make you forget about 9/11, the Boston Marathon, and Sandy Hook.” - Siskel and Ebert


“It’s just a little harmless gas. Nothing to worry about.”


Never a “health” problem until the oeps!
Since the liabilities are apparantly non existent these days our word has become a mengele-phantasia land.!

Good grief… What fresh hell is this?!

There are days I look around me and think, “Sometimes a civilization deserves to fall.”

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We can always count on you, Scarmoge, to add a special flavor of wit to the insanity. Cheers!

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I will never forget pictures from promentaiment media of all, spring 2020 hight of pandemic in Madrid Spain: small planes and helicopters supposedly sparaying desinfectants to contain Covid. Weirdest thing ever as an aseptic or antiseptic practice.


Thanks Justa! I try … :slight_smile: … we’ve got to have as much fun with this absurdity as possible. Besides how often does one run across an opportunity to name drop Marjoe Gortner?

… it’s funny you should say that Marcia … “Es ist nur ein wenig harmloses Gas. Nichts, über das man sich sorgen sollte.” was printed on every can of Zyklon-B in Germany during World War II.