Reasons To Like Men

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My Kind of Guy . . . How About Yours?

Sped-up video of the entire process MKG used to make a fully functional HEAVY METAL CELLO:


Yes, I grew up around men - father, uncle, brother, cousins, grandfather - who were mechanically and electronically gifted, had woodworking shops, model railroads, rebuilt cars, and so much interesting ‘junk’ to play with … lots more fun (and educational) than typical little girl toys. I felt fortunate to have had that childhood.


the artisan shows a lifetime of accumulated skills, a workshop filled with tools that each represents self-sacrifice, a pleasure he could have given self or family but instead invested in tools/capability. There are not many people/men like this in the world. He has my respect. the sad part is he is likely solo in his shop. No apprentices, no one to pick up when he passes. It will all be sold as junk. I wonder how the cello sounded…


I too wanted to hear the cello. They should have played it for the background music.


Meet the Praying Medic – MKG who heals people, without all the trappings of religion: