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    Did not want to post this on that YT. I heard the meat of this on True Pundit. I am paraphrasing some of it along with my 2 cents worth.
    Another angle heard elsewhere is prior to taking office Trump's people, corrupt or true/false were talking of selling nuke tech. to Saudi Arabia. This is what some of the FISA warrants were initially for according to the source. When they could not verify they stayed on the wire because they could get away with it. Though speculative why would Trump and blowhard Nunes NOT declassify the warrants to expose this from the start. Seems odd that Comey, Yates, Brennan et al did not seem worried that much about declassification according to that source, not me personally. Russiagate had been put in place so this info. could be put on the backburner. Could you imagine an accusation like this before the mid-terms that look like a monumental beatdown. The information would be classified and the presstitutes could essentially call Trump a terrorist. If I was desperate for control, and insane, this would be what I would use. Given the psychopaths in control I agree with Doc that I would not trust DS tradecraft ever. Whether this is true or not I have no idea but wouldn't the lunatics be capable of something like this? Personally I believe it is the smear first for the mid-terms and some drawn out trial to take Trump out of the picture. The RINO/Neo-Cons are totally in on it cause they must remove Trump as the vocal leader of the populist movement. I see the play on both sides though this seems insane for Trump's team to have been involved in but this Jared Kushner rat makes me uneasy. I am not picking a fight here I am just informing some who may not have heard this particular view.
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