Report From Iron Mountain

Report From Iron Mountain

I read this “report” and laughed. The idea of central banks around the world is stale, tired, and finished.

This pitiful bit of programming for secret society members and academic morons in the paper-pushing echelon of our wicked society is the perfect example of central banking propaganda.

The screed reads, “The only way we can have peace is through slavery, eugenics, and massive spending programs.”

It sounds like the dreams of disgusting men that sit in councils best served by the devil. (BILL GATES)

Yes, you may laugh it off as I did. But, these wicked people are attempting to satisfy their peace time “war” right now, and it’s not so funny.

They will fail. They do not recommend sound money. They can only imagine a world where The Federal Reserve prints promissory notes into perpetuity, and so all of their ‘solutions’ are fake, just like their money.

Prepare for the end. The Iron Mountain Report is concluded. They tried every single recommendation in this tract, and now we can finally see THE END OF THEIR SYSTEM.

The report has nothing to do with peace, it is instead a manifesto on how to keep central banking in power. Clear and simple.

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Methinks “Iron Mountain” is simply a codeword for a think-tank out of Baltimore.