Ricks Sat Night Live - Tuckers Putin Interview & Fallout - Plan For War - Hope for Peace (GRAPHIC WARNING)

I don’t know how long his opening rant will be so, if he carries on, plan to be in the kitchen and wait until he starts his videos review. At least one or more will bring a smile or a ‘Tucker Carlson laugh’.

I’m placing this video here because I’ve heard of this meeting with Christopher Wray from a couple of other people. Rick, on his live tonight, had a video of a man who spoke with an officer in Denver who told him that in the last 2 months, they’ve stopped at least 50 Al Qaeda members coming into Denver airport. Thinking about the ones who they didn’t catch is terrifying.

Link to Rick’s show is attached, Good Luck America, on Rumble. He removes from YT before they can whack him for violations.

Min. 2:44:20

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