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As most regular readers here know, throughout the week as I receive email articles from readers of this site, sending in articles that they think might be of interest, I do a “presort” of the emails everyday, glancing them over to get an idea of what the article is about, and slotting them for the…


We Normies have no clue just how many “agendas” are in play. It seems this is a war of the 1% ers…to quote Rocket Scientist, David Adair! BTW…David did a 4-Part interview recently with Michael Sala disclosing some facts even Kelly Cassidy couldn’t get out of him! Now that is some going!!! :laughing:


Pulling the pin out of some gadget made by an amoral Tesla kind of scientist, and oeps the continent where that happened sinks Atlantean style? It is a bit like that question who has the keys of the nuclear football or rather to all the exotic weaponery we plebs don’t know exists. With all that war screaming from the Western nuts, I wonder if I will see those in my lifetime?

The upside could be that I will see actual Angels too, although I don’t think this would be an ideal way! (lol)


So, the game is really about who has the fastest, earth encompassing “chachkas”/exotic weapon, and now all are in the game: MIC, states, billionaires, non-state actors aka Nazi International, and so on.
What a headache for elites and intel agencies.
No wander almost every billionaire in the world has one or two uranium powered super yachts or even submarines. Mini Noa’s arks they are, in case if lands will become inhabitable.
No, they will not disappear under water like last time, since God promised no more floods. He didn’t say anything about fireballs though.


WoW! sounds like the script to a bond movie, wait a minute, does that mean James Bond movies were documentaries?
If I were a space entrepreneur, I would launch a bucket of birdshot into orbit, no more satellites, forever!


The older I get, the more I am convinced, Life on earth is an eternal Mexican standoff.

Now I am going to be silly, have they ever considered asking nicely?


Now, not to sound fanatic or silly too, there is a lot of approved and even more so unapproved apparitions of Mary, where seers see her covering earth with veil.

Almost universally in all these encounters, she is asking for payer to make that veil whole and non-penetrable.


Apparently you don’ t have to be rich to have a nuclear missile

But you have to be rich to have an anti missile defense system And an anti paparazzi laser shield


QVBB: Is this about our Mother worship? Know that sounds odd, but seeing worship of our Mother and “a spell casting for 2024” and so forth on Solari Circles website.

lol@ Aurajenn…I suspect your suspicions and scenario are true…

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No, it’s about reverence for Theotokos.