Russia, free of the tyrannical grip of the NWO banking system

Russian President Vladimir Putin made the final payment on all of the former Soviet republics debts to the world’s central banks – making Russia the only country to set itself free from the tyrannical grip of the New World Order’s banking system. Russia is the most fearsome, most powerful foe of the tyrannical NWO banking system. What can the Banksters really do? Not that much. If any nation were to employ ‘kinetic energy’ against Russia that nation would itself be physically crippled, and/or wiped-out.

Russia actually stands to gain more financial power whenever the NWO’s banking system threatens to use financial sanctions against them, or any of Russia’s allies for that matter. Putin is most likely hoping and praying for more sanctions because that will elevate things to a higher level.

Putin Pays Off Russia’s Outstanding Debt To Central Banks - News Punch


Sounds like a plan…

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Indeed, it is a Plan, and well devised. The Bank of Russia has setup the [SPFS] System for Transfer of Financial Messages. It is a financial messaging system for the exchange of electronic messages on financial transactions (financial messages). It supplants the SWIFT system, which Russia is, or has already phased out. The SPFS guarantees the uninterrupted transmission of financial messages within Russia, and member countries over land lines of communication instead of SWIFT’s satellite-based system. Settlements between the SPFS users are conducted via bilateral correspondent relations.

As the reader will note here, the ‘West’ will no longer be able to interfere with Russia’s financial system, or the other member country’s financial systems.

Eight foreign banks join Russia’s [SPFS] system of financial transfers

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