Russia: July update on COVID scamdemic and Agenda 21

Russia: July update on COVID scamdemic and Agenda 21

Still chugging towards the totalitarian soy state…

(«Полностью отказываться от QR-кодов не имеет смысла» | Статьи | Известия)- Russia ahead of the West on implementing Central Bank Digital Currencies [an important part of the digital identity / social credit system]:
Central Bank Digital Currency Tracker - Atlantic Council

(Central Bank Digital Currency Tracker - Atlantic Council)- Deputy chair of Russia’s central bank claims that all “self-respecting” countries will have a CBDC within 3 years:

( Russia has laid the technological groundwork for a social credit system by creating digital profiles of people based on their social media presence:

( Sber (Russia’s biggest bank) committed to the UN’s ESG agenda

( Kremlin and various Russian state apparatus still have scamdemic restrictions:

( Vaccine mandates return for Moscow cops because state wants “100% immunity” among police force; they’re banned from vacation without proof of “vaccination”:
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(Telegram: Contact @edwardslavsquat)- Hospitals stopped enforcing face masks, so the government mandated them:

( Face masks may return in Russian malls:
Российские торговые центры подготовились к возможному возвращению масок — РБК

(Российские торговые центры подготовились к возможному возвращению масок — РБК)I stole this info from, so you should follow them :). Seems like a good channel for technocracy news in Russia.


I tend to agree with Dr. JPF and CAF, seems what we’re seeing is rival control-beast business models duking it out. One camp prefers a state run control grid, the other prefers the private sector to hold the keys. Either way the scales tip, total control is “their” goal.


It’s a Mob war.


Here a good one how it is going in the Russian Army where we can also see that this is a hoax-war bc it is obvious Putin does not care and this is a total :poop:show

Are 5 parts of it and this is part 5. Just under it we can see part 1,2,etc…

Dispatches from Cringey Casablanca: Russia’s Virus measures, economy stuff & Skripal musings.

Inflation in Russia despite the claims of a flourishing economy.
Edward’s Q&A Free-For-All: Part I

Here we learn that people like Duran (the Alex’es) and people like Lira has no clue about the REAL reality and try to get people like Edward on their show is a no-no. Not believe me? Try it bc then we have a REAL conversation with the facts…

What role has Putin played in Russia’s response to COVID? Our hope is to provide a chronology of Putin’s stated views—as well as his directives and instructions to federal and regional authorities—to allow readers to make informed judgements for themselves.

Putin, Sputnik V & mass vaccination - Edward Slavsquat

These are the facts people and not the own thinking on the surface like most still do. Research the three sides of a coin and do not fall into the trap to buy in without DYOR.

I’ve followed Adapt 2030 for a few weeks now, great channel, cheers.

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