Scariest 'woman' in politics today

No Not Hitlary. She’s old news and just a distraction. It’s Chrystria Freeland. You know the Canuck Deputy PM AND Finance Minister.
Let’s start at the beginning of the snake, Her Opa was a Nazi collaborator. Nazism seems to be the crack cociane of authoritarians. She is on the Board of Directors of WEF. She has close ties to Soros and to his son. During the Trucker revolt up here, the one with the bouncy castles and saunas, Canadians were sending my to random truckers. Freeland, acting as the Finance Minister, told banks to freeze accounts of people who donated to the Truckers. They nailed a single mom in Chilliwack for $50. Yet she can’t find the 5 BILLION her department has misplaced. “Oppsie” She has not retracted that order and investors in Canada are leaving as they know their investments are not guaranteed.
But wait…There’s more.
Her training is a a journalist. This is code for liar. Her postings in the Canadian Government have included trade, and foreign policy. Now DPM and Finance Minister. She’s being groomed. I see her rising to the PM’s office with something similar to a Reichstag’s fire. Maybe a real fire with a sauna. (Fun Fact: The RCMP snipers covered the bouncy castle.) There will be a crisis in Canada, She will break the nation and Claus will ask her to step onto an international stage. I think the flipping of Canada is now turn-key, we will be a neo-feudalist bio-medical tyranny with a high dependence in magic. CoVidian cultists. There is now a possible fast fall election in Canada in the Autumn. Why I hear fall in Canada, yuppers we’re collapsed.
Then there are her books which are both stinkers, I kept them in the Loo. Garbage in Garbage out, I see great things for her in the future in history and her death count may start in the Fall in Canada. Let me know what you guys think.


I think you’ve pretty much covered everything other than she’s been working all along to oust Turdeau, in my opinion. He’s not even a sideshow compared to her. Just imagine the “dirt” she has on him. She’s loyal to nobody but herself. She’s capable of using anyone for her own gain and disposing of them faster than greased lightning. The ultimate charlatan…and I’m being nice.

Jacinda comes to mind as pure evil in her ways.

I’m not Canadian, but from this side of the border, she looks pretty vile – for all the reasons you state. I thought Jacinda Ardern in NZ was bad, but it looks like Freeland beats her by a mile in the vile category.

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Are there ANY real females in politics?? I mean, thats so easy to see now it’s stuipid. We don’t think that just Big Mike was the only tranny in political life…now did we? Life is just a stage and we are living in the big show. Everything is inverted and NOTHING is as it seems.

Both are trannies and Jacinda has literally flopped his junk around under his dress in public. Or is that all just a ruse?