Serious development: israel-gaza




As reported earlier today on this web site (HERE), the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) has air-dropped leaflets on SOUTHERN Gaza instructing residents of Khan Younis to “evacuate” their homes. This comes after the IDF did the same thing in northern Gaza, then began systematic bombing of it, leveling homes and apartment buildings.

The trouble is, there is nowhere for residents in southern Gaza to actually go! They cannot enter Israel; and Egypt won’t take them through the Raffah Border crossing because Egypt says this is a “forced displacement” of a civilian population, which is illegal under International law. So they’re trapped, even though the IDF is telling them they must leave.

As a result of the IDF leaflets into southern Gaza, President Sisi of Egypt issued an ORDER to the Egyptian Army to "Make preparations to enter the Gaza Strip and implement a No-Fly Zone over it unless Israel implements a solution in Gaza."

So there it is, for all the world to see.

Israel, which DENIED they were forcibly relocating a civilian population, is now shown to be doing exactly that, in violation of International Law.

Egypt is now telling its military to “Prepare to enter the Gaza Strip and implement a No-Fly Zone” which would only affect Israeli war planes presently bombing Gaza.

In order to implement a No-Fly Zone, Egypt would necessarily have to enforce it, by shooting down planes which violate the no-fly zone.

War in the Middle East is very close now.

The question then arises, what will the USA do with its gigantic naval and air forces in the region? Will the USA defend Israel if they violate the Egyptian no-fly zone? Will the US attack Egypt?

Breathe deep, the gathering gloom.


bibi netanyahu is forcing Egypt into war, same as NATO forced Russia to take action in Ukraine.

bibi netanyahu is forcing Egypt into war, same as NATO forced Russia to take action in Ukraine.
The “High Table” will not stop until a global war.
The Arab governments are mostly paid off by Israel. BUT Turkey is different. Also chechnya would like to fight Israel on the Street of Gaza, and would kick IDF’s candy-asses. Hasbulla is ready to go. Syria is ready to move in through the golan heights.
BiBi will be the death of Israel. The West will walk away from supporting Israel now, because the asset has become a liability.
Evil people always think they are “special” to the devil, but the wise know - no one is.


Sarah Westall just did a great interview with M. Callendar…The Ben Gurion Canal seems to be the final card being played!! First Lahaina, then Acapulco, now Gaza…does anyone see a pattern here??? :thinking:


Good observation…

I also beleive that Israel is getting forced to overplay their hand.
Their stock in the public is dropping by the day.

And i suspect also that they will be left fending off the Arabs without much support in the end.


Nobody forced Russia to invade Ukraine.
First thing Chechens will do if armed, is to declare independence from Russia.

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Here’s The Plan:

And this one…Thanks Trump…

They are safer with the bear than on their own.

Spoken like a true RU imperialist. The Ukraine was longing for dependence for centuries. Read some history. They deserved it and that’s coming from the Pole who will always consider Lviv/ Lwow as one of the 3 greatest Polish cities after Krakow and Warszawa, and despite 250K of Polish farmers slaughtered by Ukrainians in 1943-44 . Bodies without graves that still crying for vengeance of Heaven.

Being a Nato puppet was obviously not the best idea to become independent in hindsight though…

You wouldn’t call Sweden and Finland a Nato puppet would you?

Depends on how you define it, imo NATO is a creation of the Oligarchs who hijacked and uses Sweden as their base of operation.
To long of a topic for me to go into details at this time.
But yeah its all part of the corporate Umbrella.
Sovreign nations hasnt really been a real thing for a long time.