Serious Economic Pain - Daniel Estulin


Another ‘must watch!’. Thanks Robert for posting :slight_smile:

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It is important to prepare for the worst but I, personally, am sick of the doom and gloom. It becomes self replicating.


Understood but panic is palpable. I am just back from scouting for petrol. Besides the price that is thru the roof it is not a good forboding many a petrol station is out of juice!

I wonder what tomorrow will bring, the hunt for toilet paper seems on.

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Daniel Estulin didn’t even speak to this.
I wonder; if he considered it, and didn’t want to give “them” any ideas?

EU to paralyze assets of Russian Central Bank!

I have a couple of his first books.
I always thought it was something fishy about him having free entry to all these elite meetings.
I mean, you try to crash the bilderberg meeting :upside_down_face:
BUt either way how he got into the swing of things, I tend to always agree with the things he says, and I dont see him been wrong on lots of things.
So he definitely worth paying attention to.
BUt anyone knows how he got into it all?