Shiloh news from last night

Spent the night at a veternary hospital emergency room… Shiloh seems to be having intestinal problems… she’s lethargic, not herself, and winces in pain in certain movement… prayers please…


Sorry to hear this, wishing her better.


We place dear Shiloh in Your healing care, dear Lord Jesus … we ask You to rush to the source of her pain and discomfort and completely cancel all harms and all alarms! We ask You to supernaturally intervene, Lord God! In Your mercy, powerfully dissolve and safely remove anything not of You in her body, spirit, and circumstances. We place you, Shiloh, in the Holy Healing Light of Jesus now, never to be separated from His love and care. We station His very angels to protect you and dear Joseph at all times, in all places, in all seasons! :latin_cross:


Prayers for Shiloh sent!


Shiloh is blessed with the light of Alcyone!

Since month of July is dedicated to Most Precious Blood of Jesus. I will pray for Shiloh this litany.


Prayer sent. Still miss mine a bunch. Grew up on a farm and it seemed like they lived longer by eating what we did. I’m convinced that the pet food industry is as much of a poisonous scam as the people food industry is.


I have an older cat who visits me. Would turn her nose up at good quality ham and fish but just went wild if fed that horrible pet food stuff. I have her on fish now and she looks healthier. Whatever is in that pet food is almost rotten before its comes out of the packet. We need to care for our pets better, they are not just an accessory to upload to instagram.


my cat loves sardines, and so do I!


Prayers for Shiloh and for you, Dr. Farrell. I know what it means to have some one who means that much to you. My heart aches with my 14yo blind dog just thinking about how awful it will be when she is gone.

We lost a horse yesterday, one that has been a miracle as she was born a “dummy foal”, lacked oxygen at birth and because she did not nurse right away, lacked antibodies. We had to work hard to keep her alive the first year. She made it to 12 and was loved by everyone. She was always a bit goofy because of her brain damage at birth but she had become a really good babysitter for weanlings and her little herd of fillies miss her. We will all miss her.


I’m very sorry to hear of the loss of your dummy foal, and your blind dog… they truly DO become part of our families, and that bond of love I think is part of what St. Paul meant by the groanings and travails of all creation in Rom 8…I think of my previous three dogs, and their individual personalities, and though I’ve not known any horses people who do tell me that they too have their unique individualities.


Praying for Shiloh. So sorry to hear this Dr. Pharell.

Prayers being offered for you, Dr. Farrell, and Shiloh.

Sometimes it seems that animals are the only beings left in our world who are capable of pure innocence, love, and loyal companionship. Their time with us is far too short!
I’m so sorry that you have lost your sweet and goofy girl, but please know that you and your faithful canine boy are in my thoughts during this painful and difficult time.

Were they able to diagnose anything or do anything helpful at the hospital?