Shiloh update... better

I want to thank everyone for your kind words, prayers (or thoughts if you’re not the praying sort) and well-wishes for my sweet Shiloh. Needless to say I love this little dog very much, as she is, literally, an answer to prayer for those of you who know the story. I wanted to let everyone know that the second visit to the emergency room did produce three presecriptions, which do seem to be working, as she’s jumping and leaping when she’s happy once again, and does not seem to be suffering the odd pains she was a couple of days ago.


Great news!
[I hope the worst, is far behind her]

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I am so happy to hear that. I have had many nervous moments with my guys, not sure what the outcome would be, and there is nothing better than having them wake up the next morning and start being their wonderfully annoying selves, begging for treats and pets, wanting to know what I am doing, and reminding me that anytime is walk time.
Wishing Shiloh many more treats, walks, and lots of pets.

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Thanks for the update. So glad she’s feeling better!

This news made me smile this morning! So glad she’s doing better.

Good news for sure. Any idea what the problem is?

God is good- just not always obvious- but Shiloh and you are blessed. I will keep praying that this was a one-time event!

We lost one of our Pyranees several weeks ago because she found a way to get out of her field and hit a snare on the fence line. This sounds cruel but we run the line every day and we have stopped the taking of lambs and our poultry as a result of reducing the intruders from the neighboring large vacant tract. (We hear coyotes every night and my dogs sing with them.) God was good to her, however, we could tell she died instantly, and her sister managed to produce 9 healthy puppies the following week. I plan on bringing one of the girls up to my house to become a HEALTHY companion for me (you don’t want to know how many are here now- the deaf one and her brother who looks out after her, the one who hung upside down for several hours climbing over a fence and got both rear feet caught, the one who was slammed by his brothers ruining a rear knee… and the dog rescued from Austin… OH, and Dot, my house dog, the 14 year old blind Schipperke who is the BEST dog in the world).

The puppies, other than the one that will be my dog, are all from proven livestock guard dog lineage so given the current need for people to EAT, they will be vital. Their mother keeps our poultry from harm- her mother is a sheep guard. We usually run small packs of them so when packs of coyotes do get brave enough to find a way in, our dogs have a chance of defending their charges. They are essential to keeping animals on large properties here in TX. The mountain lions only come through once a year, but they avoid this part of the ranch completely. (We see them on game cameras).


Dr. Farrell, I’m happy to hear you’re both doing better. I always love hearing what Shiloh has to say during your interviews, she is a talker.

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I have the same situation as Justawoman, over the past 20 years, the coyotes have killed 7 chickens. 8 years ago a Mountain Lion killed my beautiful & gentle Blue Healer. A neighbor down the road has hound dogs that track and kill the lions. In 2 weeks his dogs killed 4 young lions. They must have recently left their mother to find new hunting grounds. Its sad for sure, sad for all of us. The cats are sneaky, smart and sly. They can hide in a small ditch and you don’t even notice them.
We have bear problems eating from our fruit trees. A few bad drought years, the mama bear will abandon their cubs. We call the Department of Wildlife and they come pick them up to take to the rehabilitation camps until they are old enough to make it on their own.
Justawoman, I’m happy you have additions joining your clan to brighten your life.