Should I read this dusty book? Found on a dusty shelf?

I am opening this thread with the intention and hope of posting book titles and their authors, preferably rare forgotten dusty books on dusty shelfs, but containing some essential knowledge, information, etc. As for me, I am tempted wich one to read first from these below.Тhe first one still wrapped in cellophane. Unopened.The title of the book in translation is: “Greek Magical Papyri”, with the subtitle “Magical Texts Found on Papyri”(PGM i.e. PAPYRI GRAECAE MAGICAE 1-to-6.) Book 1.Author Daniela Tosheva.

I have read this one 4 or 5 times. Difficult to read, full of mathematical and physical considerations and formulas and equations. Similar to Dr. JPF’s books.But i feel compelled to read it again.It has that same eerie feeling that i get when I watch the movie “Bladerunner”.


It looks like an interesting! I would recommend a non-fiction book trilogy by James Churchward. The titles are: The Lost Continent of Mu 1931, The Children of Mu 1931, and The Sacred Symbols of Mu 1933.

More Photos and Details


Mu?Oh my! :slightly_smiling_face:Now I will have to research and find these books. The subject of the lost continent Mu has fascinated me since I was young. And here we go again again. Thank you.


James Churchward( “colonel”) was a total scam artist and an embarrassment to his family.

what kind of scam heists did he do?

I had never heard of it until 2 video games in 90s. Then I was curious and learned about it.

These are 1" x 2" tiny books. I put Othello on top. I think these are the complete works of Shakespeare. I found them around here, dusty, from their years alone – without a reader. So sorry, bitty ones! A client couldn’t afford to pay me, so he gave me these in payment for my work! I imagine they may have gone aboard ship with one sailing to the Galapagos? I forget his story about their origins …


yep read it!

There are some discussions by a professor on You Tube of Sumerian magical texts and some spells.

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Wow those are really little, my littlest book is this 1879 dictionary 3"x4"

More interesting reading is 1911 World’s progress by the Delphinian society I have the first two parts.

Video game?didn’t know there was a video game for this.Link?