Show off or show on or just show(e) it under

Found this piece of reason in the neverending flow of irrationality. Thought it may be interesting to you too.
You see I was brought up in Middle Europe (not Central, that’s what they call us in the West, though true, but the meaning and feeling is somewhat else), and under the Communist Era, or as we called it the ‘curseful’ (with a lack of a better translation), our national flags were flying, but we had a history of at least a 1000 years, and we haven’t felt the need boasting around with them.
Than we met some America (USA), flags everywhere and always, and one had to ponder upon that these people need them, since there is no other common ground - aka history - for their life, their way of conduct.
Now in these signaling things I see the same lack of identity, or a hollow reality which is just dawning upon them, so they are destined to come up with something.

So these thoughts just came up. Enjoy the read if you will. And the picture is from the article.
Show off? Show on?



perfect gaze…

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