Silence of the Sims

Are we no longer able to rationally observe this holonomic Divine Loving Reality for what It is, and contemplate metaphors without resorting to nihilism anymore??? :

Truthstream Media on Twitter:
“So this might be a dumb question, but um… are they saying life is basically like a holographic video game that only fully renders when you look at it?” / Twitter

Seriously, are philosophical/theonomical questions no longer capable of being answered without recourse to binomial-digital modes of “thought”? Have we indeed become THAT dense?

[ insert meme of choice here, and then forget all about it]

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It is a tragedy how people talk today.


Yes, but it makes them sound smart in their minds.

One philosopher took this idea so far that he would shout “ah-ha!” every time he walked through a doorway, believing he would one day see empty space for a second before he created the world before him with his mind.