Sir Francis Bacon and the Philosopher's Tone - Stephanie McPeak Petersen


3-6-9 = G . I wonder if this is related to Tesla’s obsession with these numbers as the key to the universe.


Gee Wiz! Thanks Stephanie for another great video. I bought the book and read the first chapter already. At 11:30, the experiment reminded me of Dan Winter. Have you heard of him? He covers a lot but I was introduced through his sacred geometry back in the 90’s. I am also reminded of a book I bought when I visited the big Island, “Wise Secrets of Aloha” by Kahuna Harry Uhane Jim and Garnette Arledge. In it, the author talks about the use of healing tones that make up the language. I also know that the music and dance preserve the culture in hidden ways when colonialists tried to cancel it. This is the same with many cultures that get “colonized.” The original inhabitants of Hawai’i before the Polynesians are still around although few in number according to the census. Legends say that they could stave off an attack through their song that would not allow the boats to beach. Sirens of Greek legend come to mind. The Menehune are said to have built the ancient fish pond that you can visit there. Another interesting book that I have had is “The Secrets and Mysteries of Hawaii” by Pila of Hawaii. They have similar traditions of healing through song in the Orient.

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I want to know what @vardas3 thinks about this since he’s a musician. Same goes for any other musician that sees this.