Šlava Ukraînì ! For the Best Cinematography:

Or, Slobber all over( The U-Crane).
And the Os-Car goes to …

Caroline Coram on Twitter: “The level of bizarre here was insurmountable… until the next level of bizarre of Zelenskyy speaking at the Grammies took place. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10671779/Ukraine-holds-military-Oscars-seven-best-video-moments-war.html” / Twitter https://mobile.twitter.com/CarolineCoramUK/status/1511266812226330633?cxt=HHwWkoCz-ZPKjPkpAAAA

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My favorite was the camera man walking in front of the mine sweepers using sticks to find landmines. Maybe they should have their own Oscars Award Show. :grin: