Space x project

For some reason this image sure rings “The Bell” on my mind and a friend of mine who showed it to me. Anyone up for going down the rabbit hole?


… well, might as well work on another fantasy project since the Moon / Mars thing didn’t work out.

It sure does look a bit like a Nazi Bell.
Well, about that rabbit hole? I may try it, but it’s going to be more of HOS, the end of the twig, falling into an abyss type one, to borrow from dr. Farrell language.
Here we go. Musk in a last couple of years visits Italy quite “religiously”. No his not converting yet, but, who knows.
Isn’t Italy of the 1930ties a place where UFO in a shape of Nazi Bell showed up first time.?
There is a Polish energy company called ORLEN making money on transit of oil and gas thru central Europe.
Also making liquefied natural gas, building new pipelines, and so on. Generally heavily invested and making load of money in so called “fossil fuels.”
But every now and then they make strange press releases and inform the public of investing their profits in “portable nuclear reactors.”
Wasn’t Lower Silesia, part of Western Poland a site of all these Nazi Bell experiments during the WWII?

And the latest. Musk apparently visits Auschwitz next week. I wonder if besides continuing to clean his image as far as his antisemitic rants on X, he will meet with somebody from ORLEN?


Small Modular reactors have existed for over 50years.
However ownership of patents have supressed these inventions for mass use.

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