St Augustine and his 'City Of God'. Another great presentation from The Rising Tide Foundation

Once more I post another presentation from Matthew Ehret and RTF; this one follows on from a previous presentation on Plato, and foreshadows a future presentation on Thomas Moore. I have commented also that much of the content here is ‘in agreement’ with the general thrust of a lot of JPF’s historical and possibly theological writings - I make that claim more on what I have heard from interviews with JPF, and through the vid chats in the members area, not having read his major theological works myself! - and I thus feel it is relevant to the members herein who, like me, seek further understanding of the world we are living in today, but might not have an in-depth or first-hand knowledge of all relevant historical figures and written sources. I do find Matthew’s presentation to be very useful in overcoming such limitations, at least to some degree. The old adage of ‘reliving history through misunderstanding it’ comes to mind here; today’s world is not so different from the historical periods discussed in this online lecture, with the same negative and positive forces rising and falling continuously, something that does seem to define the whole human condition. If I was to do a simple takeaway here, it would be that such knowledge as expressed both here in this lecture and through the body of work of JPF is that there really is something in the ‘human condition’, something perhaps divine in nature and operation that has carried ‘us’ through some very dark periods in history before, and continues to do so even today. As always, comments are welcome :slight_smile:


After watching both lectures, I’d say the reason many elites have their children major in history at college is to understand how the current playbook works and the reason.

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