Starlink and Elons motives?!

Just saw this little nugget.

It seems more likely as time passes that Mr Musk has either played the deepstate or gotten converted along the way.
Maybe a gift is not always a gift?

What i mean is that the Ukrainians thought they would get some help from using Starlink as their communication.
But now it seems they got played and Mr Musk controls their fate?!


I am a simpleton but I think Russia just let Mr. Musk know, stop or we’ll shoot those precious satelites out of the air! No 6th chess ideas needed, it’s bunckum and always has been.


So why would they even try to put them up if that was the case?

Obviously someone gave Musk the ok to put up a entire new communication grid that isnt dependent on the cables and transmission stations that the western deepstate has controlled for a century?

I could buy the theory that his sattelites are a backup in case the ground based 5g was sabotaged.
But i suspect its more around taking the monopoly of information control out of the hands of the deepstate.

What could back my theory is if the regular ground based internet/telecom service is starting to malfunction around the world (Panic reaction to censor information that is coming)

But once this happens Starlink will be available for most people at a reasonable price.
(I can already get a starlink package, but its not cheap and costs around 3x of a normal internet connection per month + a starting price for the hardware)

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Starlink is the digital grid to enslave you. By all means give him your hard earned money to hasten the process!

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The Russians are simply jamming the system- it has nothing to do with Musk.

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A cyber war. The Nord pipeline took a hit, Florida took a hit, now Ukrainian communication.

It would be interesting to make a list of each hit and gauge whose next and the underlying strategy.

What if this were a topic?

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Most people think that when Trump set up Space Force it was for a mission to the Moon or Mars. It is about CYBERSPACE, not beyond low earth orbit.


Mr. Elon comes up in this video.

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Nice to see that somebody else also notice a little comment by W. Webb pertaining Musk :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:. Peter Thiel has his octopus tentacles almost everywhere including PROMIS software. Musk is a front, Asperger victim manipulated easily toward the direction TPTB want. Question is which fraction of DS he represents or rather works for.???


We are already enslaved by the total monopoly of the telecom infrastructure and power grids by the Swedish deepstate (investor/Wallenberg)

What im saying is that starlink is the only competitior to access to the internet without going through the Ericson/telia controlled wires and transmissions.
They built they entire telecom infrastructure in 184 countries and most powergrids in around 150 the world.
Every 3 letter agency needs to go thrives Ericsson to access data since its their core technology in almost every companies telecom equipped.
The any other competitior before elon was Huawei.
Thats why the media is trying to sell Huawei as a threat.
Its basicly the Chinese counter to try to get back control over their telecom infrastructure.
Since for some reason a Chinese politician gave the control of their grids to Swedish companies (Ericsson/Abb)

Also Jacob Wallenberg sits in the Shanghai corporations comitte)

So who really runs the “communist party”

Bingo, most of the modern war is about controling the narrative online.

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Why does it have to be one or the other?

For me, it is because I don’t believe for a second that we ever went to the moon and mars is part of the dream. That is why it is one or the other for me.


Im open to all possibilities, the layers of deception are alot more complex then anyone could know.

But i prefer to use information that is somewhat open source and able to verify from various non linked sources.

I dont mind listening to “psychics” and “Sears” like Gigi young etc.
However whenever someone starts to use their “emotions” and “spiritual senses” as proof of anything then im not taking it very seriously.

Gigi could def be right about it all, however once we cross into using metaphysical abilities as proof of anything, then we are no better then the crazy libtards forcing people to enforce laws based on their current emotions.

Def no disrespect to Gigi or anyone else who is in that spectrum of “psychics” ive learned alot from people who claim to tune into the unknown etc.
But at the same time its just something they pick up like a radio.
Who knows who is broadcasting whatever they are chaneling etc.


And would this PROMIS software be of any use without the hardware of the telecom infrastructure?

I wish more people here would grasp the scope of what Musk is doing.

What the deepstate has done for many years is to patent every technology that could take humanity a leap forward.
Just look at all the people who has tried to release free energy devices.(All dead or paid of)

What Musk seems to be doing is to release most of his own technology in the form of open source.

elon musk open source at DuckDuckGo

Patents of core technologies is one of the deepstates most potent weapons.
It has made it impossible for anyone to bring out anything that would harm their monopoly on energy/pharma/communications etc.

If Musk is really doing what it seems then he is def not working for the people we call the deepstate anymore.

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His ties to P Thiel are bothersom at least, at best show what a grifter at large he is.

Once again, who knows who or do things in public has nothing to do with their motives or real handlers.

I dont carry any illusions that anyone at that level doesnt have a file with blackmail material on them.

We have no way to know who is controlled by who or what really.
Everyone we get to see in public is just frontmen(inc Musk, Trump etc)

Basicly everyone we get presented are just chess pieces being moved around by whoever has the most blackmail on them atm.

Deals are probably being done and some real funky fishes can get their dirt forgotten if they choose to switch sides etc.

Basicly we got a clusterfruck of corrupted people who are being played by various groups who have control of their blackmail files.

People need to stop waiting for some saint or perfect human to show up and save us.
The only option possible is to unleash the swamp creatures against each other.
And the ones who makes the biggest part to crack their system needs to have a chance to be forgiven for past sins.