Stay vigilant USA! The countdown just started, it'll get much, much worse

what we see ladies and gentlemen are the seeds of the coming new world after the ‘starturn’ (as we call the real great reset of the universe). u americans should be proud to have these around.

i have to mention a very real experience of mine: it seem to me nobody gives a flying rabbit if u want to be at war or not. U R

“We are dealing with evil, in case you hadn’t noticed.”

ROBERT W. MALONE, inventor of mRNA vaccine technology (though the usual suspects are doing all they can to deny this, now that Malone has come out against their special project)

do not forget that they can not stop, they have to push it. they want to kill white christianity and every real tradition that still exists. the darkness looms.

mind (is) your weapon(s). know thyself

the only way is up, as the hopi elders said so
(as everybody knows with at least an ounce of real understanding)