Strangeness in Italy

A little update. Everybody knows that so-called democratic governments are under the control of one or more third party factions. Italy has been “ground zero” for fascistic policies since March 2020, but now things are starting to crack. Yesterday, under a recent rule, tens of thousands (or more) unjabbed public sector workers - schools, healthcare, police, military, firefighters - were due for suspension, but reports say that actual application is spotty. Coincidentally, a huge fire destroyed one of Rome’s largest police barracks; is this a “warning”?
The Italian “government” has now demanded “swabs” for EU citizens entering the country; the EU was touted as a “paradise” without internal borders, and this last pretence has been eliminated. Brussels bureaucrats have objected, so this seems to indicate that Prime Minister Draghi is responding to chiefs headquartered elsewhere. His connections with Goldman and certain Masonic lodges are common knowledge. So these oligarchs could be in Banksterland (US, Switzerland, you name it).
Add to all this the recent Italo-French friendship treaty (the government has felt the need to deny that there are any secret annexes…). This is another return to old-fashioned bilateralism as the EU bites the dust.


I hope to see a crackup of the EU within my lifetime.
It can’t come fast enough!


TY for sharing these insights! Very helpful for understanding global decisions… often opaque…

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Hm I observe similar strangness in France… EU crumbling ?


Three of Italy’s main “tv doctors” intervened on State Television with a grotesque split-screen rendering of “Jingle Bells” saying basically “get vaxxed”. Somebody in the Tavistock-MKUltra crowd is having fun gauging the reaction to this. They are literally thumbing their nose at the public, trying to see how many accept passively. I don’t think this experiment will end well for them.


Strange things going on in Italy?

Nothing new, strange things have been going on for over 2000 years there.

When pushed against home and family, the Italians will fight. By in large, Italians don’t trust government, anyone’s government. Notice that this edict applies to First Responders and such. Those people know not to trust that Jab.