Strategic Win for NATO: Sweden Joins the Ranks


Have you heard a formal announcement of this? I cannot find it.

Hadnt seen anything else mentioning it…
Lets wait and see how it turns out.

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Ania interviews Andrei Martyanov and Larry Johnson. The consequence of this act is discussed… a NON subject. Sweden has a total of 120 tanks. What military to support NATO? A sad act by desperate idiots.

But, but —— Sweden invented the SAAB automobile…


Don’t forget the Swedish Chef from the Muppets.


Saab also builds advanced surveillance and guiding systems.
Already compatible will most Nato hardware.

Its strange that a country outside of Nato is allowed to build the most critical part of a system for Nato…

"NATO will define its future reconnaissance and command capability within the framework of the Alliance Future Surveillance and Control (AFSC) project.

  • Saab has long been a well-established part of NATO’s defense industrial base and our solutions are available in more than two-thirds of the member nations. Our products, including GlobalEye, are developed to meet NATO’s needs and requirements. I am convinced that we can contribute important capabilities that will strengthen NATO and benefit the member countries, says Carl-Johan Bergholm, head of Saab’s Surveillance business area.

GlobalEye provides reconnaissance and command capabilities over airspace, sea and land with a number of active and passive sensors that enable the detection and identification of objects at long distances. By sending real-time information to units in the air force, army and navy, GlobalEye provides a comprehensive situational picture of what is happening in the environment, and the ability to detect threats early. In addition to the military capability, GlobalEye can also be used for civilian missions, for example management and coordination in rescue efforts in the event of natural disasters or major accidents on land or at sea."


Thank you! @Soupcommie
I knew there was something I was completely missing.

Maybe thats what they are using the Global Eye for…


US: “Sweden we need a show of loyalty, we’re going in to Iraq. Show us your worthiness.”