Such a lovely culture

Such a lovely culture.The American one.

… to all appearances certainly kinder and gentler (Not in a George Bush I sense) … but if this account is correct maybe not so much … Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon: Laurel Canyon, Covert Ops & the Dark Heart of the Hippie Dream by David McGowan

Laurel Canyon


Ahh…yes.Nice.I will respond.Need some time and time after time to reform my thoughts.I thank you for you comment.

This account is correct.It is named soul sacrifice.The 3 letter agency best insofar experiment.

This book is a real eye-opener. If nothing else, it makes you question the narratives about some of these groups. On a related subject, I was listening to Spandau Ballet’s “True” last night, and I noticed that Tony Hadley THEN, and Tony Hadley NOW, look somewhat different… either he had some serious plastic surgery, or maybe some more shenanigans went on… Given my speculations about that group and some of the lyrics to its singles hits as I outlined in Hess and the Penguins, I have to wonder.


… as the great Fats Waller said, “One Never Knows, Do One?”

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Yes hippie dream.But dangerous one and also powerfull.Becoming reality nowdays.No?:thinking:

… unfortunately, I think we are on the backside and experiencing the “fall out”. .

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Yes.As once the great of Macedon said:
Nice(polite) word opens even iron doors.

This is the speech of Alexander of Macedon,infront of the gates of Babylon.The gates opened,after he has spoken his words.And that it is.And we just do not know what he has spoken then.Those words are lost.Or are they?:thinking:Please do not get me wrong,i do not potense anything nationalistic or political,or religious or theological here.
But there is a hint however.His words were descrbed then and now as “golden words”.Meaning words worth of or as gold.
So I ask you to think about it. What was it that the inhabitants of Tyre were defending at that time? To such an extent that Alexander had to lay siege to the city. And with many victims he finally conquered and destroyed it. And further, why was he simply left in Babylon only with a speech at the gates? Namely, what is the difference? Hek also bypassed Jerusalem as an insignificant city, a place at least at that time. Ask yourself why this happened?

Yes.But have you ever seen The Rain Dooctorrr?:thinking::smirk::slightly_smiling_face::man_shrugging:And the rainbow for that matter.What is it?Calm before the transtemporal storm?Or calm after the same transtemporal storm?Or …well…you have the sonic skrewdriver.I just know it this to be the truth.
But then, come on Dooctorr, you know what Orthodoxy is, don’t you? Confronting your inner demons every minute, every second and millisecond of your time. Right?
In other words, constantly keeping your thoughts and memories on a conscious level, constantly and daily on the surface. Fighting them,resolving them, and then burn them or disolving them in to oblivion etc. In the field of ones visibility. Constantly daily. Come on face yourself. This is Orthodoxy. The right way to celebrate your life.I know that you know that my words are not truth,but a fact infact of anyones living .Including…all life.All.
Face the wind.Do not fight it.Instead learn to trust it.
And this is not preaching. It is simply as it is. It is not otherwise. This is the way. Thorny.

Yes hippie dream.But dangerous one or not , and also powerfull one .Becoming reallity nowdays.No?