Support Request Emails No Response?

There are times when emails ARE being sent in response to a support request, but you’re not receiving them. In these instances, we don’t KNOW you didn’t get them. We’re sending but you’re not receiving and we close the ticket because we assume you’re good to go. If you have a support ticket not getting answered, there’s a chance the email from Giza Support is being blocked by your email server.

In the past, this has happened with email addresses on and

Those servers used to receive our emails from Support and discard them rather than put them in your inbox. But there are other servers that probably do the same thing. What we do in such a case, if you contact us inquiring about a recent support ticket (it needs to be recent) and we realize the email is being blocked, is we utilize an alternate sending server which typically sails right through. Why don’t we use this server all the time, you might ask? Because it’s less reliable overall for general outbound mail.

If you have a recent support ticket (if it’s an old one, and the problem is still not fixed, open a new one), and you don’t hear from us in a few days, open one to say you’re not seeing a response. We’ll check to make sure we sent one, likely see the server logs reporting your email provider blocked the email we sent, and re-route a different way. Once we do that, everyone with that email domain (e.g. all users of should get our emails fine.

Keep in mind, if you fill out a support request and don’t actually hit send, or don’t wait for it to complete sending before you close the page, we probably won’t receive it.

Hope this helps. Cheers!