Swiss lab now advertising computer using tiny human brains - "organoids"

Wow, I knew a few months ago they were talking about “some days” they “might” have a computer that would use human brain “organoids” - tiny human brains created in a lab using a method similar to cloning, but I think with stem cells (I am not sure the exact process). A few months later, a lab in Switzerland is advertising for researchers to start using one! It seems the tiny brains are “rewarded” with dopamine, but we are assured they are not sapient in any way (how would they know?)…


Opinion piece (editorial) at Zero Hedge on this topic

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Not so nice great find Melodi. I was shaken to the core reading Elana’s Freeland book “geoengineered transhumanism” when it came out. I think to shudder what her next book will be like, maybe I will have to read it in the facinity of my toilet in case the nausea gets to much!


Took the words right out of my mouth.
Couldn’t agree more!