Tesla's Death Ray, Mercury and Dr. Robert Beck

I recently listened to an archive broadcast of the Bill Jenkins “Open Minds” radio show, which aired on KABC for three hours on Saturday nights during the late 1970s and early 1980s. Jenkins was a true forerunner to Art Bell. Anyways, this particular interview was with Dr. Robert Beck. It is the first time that I have come across Tesla using mercury.

The broadcast can be found by searching “internet archive” “Bill Jenkins” which contains a large archive.

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I have transcribed the dialog below (starting at the 23:00 minute mark)

RB: I have the only original copy of the Tesla death ray plans, and it was a forerunner of the particle beam weaponry. It was an extremely high voltage particle accelerator. And I made all of this public at the US Psychotronics conference in Atlanta last year. And…so that’s out of the closet now, and I’d be happy to share it with you…

BJ: It did get a dog.

RB: Hmm…

BJ: No, when he demonstrated it, I think, it was back in New Jersey. He zapped a dog

RB: Wow.

He was stripping the nucleus of mercury and accelerating it in extremely high voltage fields and he had the first particle beam weapon system for the time it was highly class… ah, well it was a very cleaver device, but it has been surpassed with today’s technology. For the time, it was an amazing device.

It was a huge Van de Graaff generator. Instead of using a belt he used compressed air, desiccated air, running through the charge collectors, driven by multi horsepower blowers. He…umm, pardon me, he collected this charge on a sphere about 45 feet in diameter. I have his own drawings and the disclosure that came from his own typewriter. Absolutely fascinating.

At the time of his death, FDR had left standing orders that his papers were to be shipped to Yugoslavia, although Tesla was a naturalized American citizen, and so of course Stalin got the papers. But that’s another long story.

BJ: Stalin got the papers of Tesla and a lot of the information from T? Emoray? [sp?], two of our most brilliant physicists, and we just didn’t pay any attention to them.


The ‘Tunguska event’ was an enormous explosion occurring on June 30, 1908. Time was about 7:14 AM at an altitude of 5-10 km (15,000-30,000 feet). Sources claim it flattened about 2,000 square km, which would be approximately 500,000 acres. Surveys say it charred more than 100 square km of pine forest near the Podkamennaya, Tunguska River in central Siberia. Sources claim Tesla was born June 30, 1908, in Serbia, now in the area known as Croatia.

Retired Col Tom Bearden was researching Scalar weapons with the idea that Tesla was onto something BIG!

And Dr Farell did a few interviews with the late, great Georgeann Hughes on that topic many years ago.

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It seems we will never really know the “truth” about Tesla. Just now am reading the book series “Sands of Time” which includes a lot of ‘science’ & commentary about the WWII era. First time I had ever heard a “double” of Tesla might have been used so that Tesla, himself, might have been in on more projects than we have been told?! :thinking: