Texas Mexico Border Issue

Guess all is well now…no recent news.
What no one seems to mention or report on are those staying in the countries the migrants are fleeing. Are they the bourgeoisie and wealthy who no longer need to concern themselves with the indigents who are being paid and encouraged to leave?


One of C.A. Fitts sidekicks who lives near Cincinnati is concerned because “someone” is paying for the lodging & upkeep of Somalis being flown in!!! :open_mouth: Our “Christian Hospitality” is being really stretched to beyond belief!!! :wink: What happens when all the “cards” these people receive are disabled???

Well, there is this solution…

Hospitable … to illegality? Seems like aiding and abetting, to me. Good fences make good neighbors. Read: B-o-r-d-e-r-s.


Maybe the North’s aiding and abetting run away slaves is lingering in their zeitgeist.

Maybe that analogy will break down as the current Southern zeitgeist does not favor such labor.

I am wondering if the establishment will use this as a red flag. Terrorist/s coming across to wreak havoc in a 9/11 2.0 … or an escalation at the border that will result in military exchange between red states and DC. These people are such sociopaths they will sacrifice American lives just to stay in power and “orange man” doesn’t get elected November.

Plausible, push back against the federal government and those in power positions are prone to use any means to maintain their seat at the table trough.