Thankfully Rescinded, but Is This A Test?


Quite likely a test. If they can’t push it through top-down via the federal government, they’ll try to do it bottom-up, county by county. That’s the Sor0s and Agenda 2030 strategy: “think global, act local.” That’s why, as CAF says, we have to resist bottom-up, one county at a time.


Absolutely, FiatLux. Here in the US, if you don’t gather your neighborhood and go to your Sheriff to ascertain where he stands with regards to his Constitutional duties to uphold the First and Second Amendments, you need to either move or get him the heck out of office. This is what it means to work from the ground up- you have to give a flying frog about what is going on and quit thinking someone ELSE will do it.

Many here don’t follow what I have been studying, but we HAVE a President, not the Pretendent, that has been trying to get this message out since the day he was inaugurated in 2017. Maybe you need too rehear it.

Video: President Donald Trump Inaugural Address FULL SPEECH (C-SPAN) - YouTube. (start at 2:30)

If you still have TDS, get over it. And check out the significance of the military STANDING BEHIND Trump. They still do- not the TV Generals, the real ones.


Operation Warp Speed is right on schedule! Put the mask on TRUMP.


Thanks for locking it down. TRUMP

The FATHER of the death jab vaccine. Thank you. TRUMP

TRUMP is clearly being setup for the “savior” roll. Carte blanche to give the kingdom to Moloch, his Apollo god.

I’m no expert on law, but surely any “measures” issued by a County that are contrary to constitutional principles and rights are just null and void.

A little TDS, there Peter?

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A little savior complex, there justa?

How is TRUMP anything other than THE ENEMY after starting this GMI fuc fest. He STILL encourages his followers to go get it. WTF?

Savior complex? He is no savior and people who do not listen to him actually speak don’t get it, either. You only get the spits and dribbles put out by the media. He has always said that the mandate is wrong and that getting the jab is a choice. It is called freedom. If he says to get it, TDS folks will do the opposite. He created Warpspeed because there was no way the Pharmakillers could make the jab that fast which ensured a level of saline filled vials. He was in a damned situation whichever side he took and he clearly did not want to take the anti-vaccine to vaccine debate on frontally. He is for vaccines, as in not against the medical profession, but it is YOUR CHOICE to take the jab or not. What is happening now is that people who feel they must comply, not take a stand, will risk the % that they get the lethal jab. There is a HUGE resistance against the mandate and that is one of the only ways we can take this whole country back. Revolt peacefully against this tyranny. Sitting back and doing nothing is what got us into this crap fest.

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Have fun at your FBI/TRUMP rallies. No thanks for me.

He set his people up. JAN 6 —

As long as the courts, police, and enough citizens are willing to accept that they’re null and void…

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