Thanksgiving Week ... Favorite Visitors

Thanksgiving blessings to you, dear Gizas!

Here, I would like us to share our favorite visitors … those we’d love to sit by the fireplace and visit with this holiday. Get yourself a lovely beverage and bundle up for a nice, long listen. I look forward to seeing your visitors! With thanks for your friendship in these pages. Alicia xo :pray:

Visit with Father Malachi Martin :latin_cross::


Happy Thanksgiving @DrAliciaHill

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I wonder if the native Americans celebrate Thanksgiving on their reservations? Perhaps the traditional dinner is served to the original invaders’ descendants in the reservation casino’s restaurant buffets?


Have a lovely day, Bill!

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Thanks for this cornucopia of an information rich dialogue;
never loosing focus, that we are in spiritual warfare[IMO].

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You the same. Be thankful you are not a turkey.

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Always good to see you, RB! Continuing our visit with Father Malachi Martin :latin_cross::

A double feature, no less!

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Here’s a copy of the book, quite lengthy but I’m currently reading the book anyway.

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Our next distinguished visitor has arrived, dear Bill!
Hover over three dots.
Right click.
Copy audio address.
Paste into address bar in new window.
C.S. Lewis, The Four Loves :latin_cross: