That little EU country next to Holland

I think that money just from “c protocol” isn’t covering expenses anymore!
Go covid go broke.


Surprise surprise!!!

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And meanwhile in Holland the RVIM (Dutch CDC) is refusing to give the raw data to the public. Even after repeated questions in congress requesting this data. The minister refuses.
We only get 1 percentage based upon calculations done for us. There is no way to verify.
The only thing we are being told is that the hospitals are being run over. 80% in the hospitals are unvaccinated people. And with this argument new mandates and restrictions. The mouth diaper has returned in the shops. People without QR code are not allowed to go to the gym and more weird things.
And of course we do not believe this 80% number.

At the same time less then 100 km away in Belgium the health minister is able to give the numbers. Organized in regions! They clearly show it can be done. Based upon these number we can do the calculation ourselves.
2 weeks ago 56% vaccinated people in hospital in Belgium. It seems that number is rising.

Since we did not get the numbers there was a public request by a few dutch politicians to everybody working in healthcare to collect these numbers. It is not that hard. How many people? How many vaccinated? How many not vaccinated?
But the next day in all hospitals they changed the patient medicalcards. This info has now been removed. Nurses, even doctors have no idea if a patient has been vaccinated or not.



Normally, it is the other way around. I give you my two cents of the why Ellie. Walloons. Our government is anxious that part of their populous turn yellow vest week in week out in Brussels like the French populous. Brussels being a head quarter of the EU and riots wouldn’t be practical nor safe feeling for the uppertyups!

It is also the Walloons together with the Bruxelloises that are less vaccinated and watch French TV and internet. Sorry to hear about the muzzles!

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Thank all of you for keeping us as advised of what is happening in Europe. Boots-on-the-ground is the most reliable.


Yes. Bruxelles and Straßburg. The uppertyups need space to breath.
Cant have protesters in front off the buildings that does not look good.
DId you see that last week the mandated QR code for all parlement members in the European Union has been cancelled?
Rules for thee, not for me.

What is happening now here in The Netherlands is that since the new mandates and restrictions young people are having Covid parties. They want to get infected. That gives them the QR code for 1 year without receiving the jab.


The exemption for EU parlement members does not surprise me.
No, I did not know about c-parties. How does infections lead to a QR code for 1 year?

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Yes i believe that is the plan. It has not been implemented yet. At the moment if you can show you are positive you still need 1 shot to receive the QR code.
I just checked the goverment website. It is still that you need 1 shot also if you have been infected.
But young people are having corona parties.
In my village a few parties last weekend. My village is now code red. In other words. I am now living in the danger zone according to the RVIM (Dutch CDC)

Ok and just saw on another page of the goverment that it is correct.
If you have been infected. You need to prove it, and they will give you a recoverypaper.
This recoverypaper gives you the QR code. At the moment only for 180 days but it seems this is going to change to 1 year. No jab needed.
This is the reason for the Covid parties at the moment.
Here is the link:

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Thank you Ellie. I searched for something like this in Belgium but besides PLF-form I could not find something similar that would be valid for a year.
It is creative and I hope Dutch youth will persue that course indefinitely.

Reminds me of everyone bringing their children to a friend’s house who had chickenpox. We wanted them to get the inevitable when they were young, when there were very few serious cases.


Remember the old Roman Empire? The one J.C. squashed? Their Standard was “PQRS” on top of a “T”. — : P + QR + S. Familiar now??