The architects of western decline - a study of the frankfurt school & cultural marxism


Or history repeating itself.

Spartans set out to become formidable disiplined professional Hoplite Warriors. The whole of Spartan society became in effect a military training camp. Spartan man would neither fish or farm, manufacture nor trade, they would simply fight.

Sound familiar, deindustriaze, slavery, bug soup for food and endless wars overlaid with technologies of the day even intergalactic if you think about it!


I am just starting the documentary but already have connected some dots. One is about the “The 300” and “The Committee of 300” written by Dr. John Coleman, who also wrote about the Club of Rome, the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, the Illuminati, the One World Order, etc. Some of his lectures are still on YT and he always warned about the Fabian Socialists and their influence by the Frankfurt School with Socialism just a slow road to Communism. They always sugar coat everything so you buy into their con job.

I did not know about mandatory homosexual relations but did realize that it was common and accepted among warriors and their squires even in ancient Rome, who idolized them for their military acumen. Women actually had more equal rights, for the most part, in Sparta compared to Athens with the ability to ascend to high military rank. You think of Athena as the prototypical warrior woman, and so this is mysterious about the Spartans and perhaps hypocritical Athenians, who sometimes depended on Sparta for protection and at other times became their adversaries.

Another connection is through Adam Weishaupt who, if I remember correctly, took the code name “sparta” when corresponding to other members who did not necessarily know the identity of each other. Then there is the Bohemian Grove Club that famously bans women and has homosexual prostitutes and servants while world leaders perform occult rituals behind the supposed world’s best security.

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At around 10:30, Edward R Murrow gets teaching positions at Columbia University for German political refugees through the innocuous Institute for International Education, and smears McCarthy in publications when he has no recourse for rebuttal with exposing the Marxist infiltration in naming names. His list was never used.

Did you read Joseph’s book McCarthy, Marshall, and the other International?
Here a video related and not related!

Yes, I read both books on McCarthy by Dr. JPF. More recently I am finding out about social engineering through the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations and the significance of the books, “The Authoritarian Personality” by Adorno and “Eros and Civilization” by Marcuse. These two are incredibly influential in grooming subversives for the destabilization of our republic and setting up a “strategy of tension” that creates the conditions necessary for establishing a dictatorship of totalitarian technocracy thinly disguised as a republic and democracy.

One intellect who I really admire for cutting through the fog of propaganda and psychological warfare that has been hoisted upon us is that of Joseph Atwill. He has authored controversial books such as “Caeser’s Messiah” and was part of the Unspun podcasts with Jan Irvin surrounding the perpetrators of MK Ultra on YT. Recently he has been doing a weekly podcast with Tim Kelly’s “Our Interesting Times.” At the risk of providing something that may be deemed politically incorrect or that might “trigger” some with opposing views, here is a link to the latest podcast that I think is very relevant to today’s current events in the USA.

Trigger Warning. Use your own discretion and critical thinking, just not “critical theory” that is designed to deconstruct it.

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Thanks for posting. I had lost track of Tim Kelly and Our Interesting Times after it was blocked on YouTube.