The Best of Cordwainer Smith by Cordwainer Smith

The Best of Cordwainer Smith by Cordwainer Smith

The secret to reading a book like this is remembering it’s all true.

Undeniable, deep programmable feelings of prose. Who were the wizards and witches that devised this enticing text??

How can the revolution story perfectly parallel our present condition? (Joan of Arc theme in Clown Town is extremely gratifying).

It’s a brand new world, DEBT FORGIVENESS enacted by the Instrumentality— The ENDOWMENT ENRICHED CHAOS CULT.

Is it a coincidence, or, is coincidence a lie, like the rest of their stories? (911, fossil fuel, Ruby Ridge, Waco, democracy)

How can prophecy be fulfilled with such exactitude?

It’s the END. This book will tell you why.

The entire book is an absolute treasure. A treasure born from God, delivered by Satan through a man, no offense to the author, who I’m sure was a charming individual, (Same man wrote, “Psychological Warfare”, Paul Linebarger). Alas, we all fall short of His Glory.

Such is life, the word spells are strong in this one.

Can you pick the ripe fruit of the story? Can you discern the truth? Will you fall to the Instrumentality and their promise of order?

Are you already a GMO person?

This book, written by a high level endowment operative, allows you to see the script from the perspective of fiction, which of course, is all true.

The author is opening a door to their secret chamber, the lies told in acceptable format, using terms that supplant the old coding, a new syntax called “science fiction“.

Thank you Father. The endowment enriched chaos cult dies even now.


Enjoy this wonderful book.