The End of Reality


Audio: Robert Scheer inteviews the author, Jonathan Taplin, on the new book.

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@DrAliciaHill Thank you for posting this! I highly recommend the audio and not YT, as audio is a bit louder and easier to deal with. Now, and with all due respect, if Scheer would just shut up and let Taplin talk! I’ve attached a link in which there’s article and audio by Taplin alone, no interviewer.

There’s too much to unpack here, therefore, I won’t really try, except to say; Yes, the 4 named are the ultimate flim-flam men of new money. They have rigged the legal game and made themselves untouchable, while sopping up taxpayer money for their desires, like sopping up gravy with a biscuit. They don’t seem to care what old money does to us because they have such concentrated interests in their own dynamic, it just doesn’t matter to them whether we live or die and old money is taking advantage of this aspect. It’s as if The Four just tossed the planet to old money saying, “Do whatever you want. We have other plans.” Something along that line.

There’s a definite California bent to the discussion and Scheer’s constant pounding on ‘needing regulation’ is idiotic. We have regulation! It’s not being enforced! All our so-called ‘public servants’ are corrupted, along with the majority of social media because flim-flam is in charge! Same old story as all other empires but the destruction level of this present empire is so powerful, billions of people will pay with their lives.

It’s an interview definitely worth the listen, along with Taplin’s synopsis (attached). Those named are mostly certainly in the top tier. There’s probably a few others not named yet, but not many more than the four.

Bottom Line: Taplin is narrowing down the new rulership, in the correct order (by influence) and naming names.