The Establishment's medical system needs everyone to believe its lies

The person in the attached clip explaining to other physicians how to discount the reality of vaccine induced heart attacks when counselling patients is Dr. Arora Dean for Medical Education at the University of Chicago. The tarnish on this profession keeps getting thicker and thicker !


Right on @sunnyboy and this is only one tooth on one small cog connected to many other cogs! Coming from the University of Chicago is no surprise as that’s also the home of the Chicago School of Economics. Birds of a feather flocking together? I’ve included a sanitized link to ‘them’ here:

I’ve also included a link on the Fabians, by Matt Ehret, and how they influence the rest of us by infiltrating governments, universities, and so on. Sound familiar? Perhaps you’re already aware of all this.


Thanks for the links Bluenose especially for the link to Matt Ehret’s article !


Interesting clip, that lady talks like she has all the answers.

“They” all talk like that, don’t they? It’s self preservation. Let me justify my work (livelihood).

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I’m not sure if this could be about that, just from this short clip first impression was when she said to say: “no, that’s not true,” about covid/covid shots being in any way related to heart attacks. There was a lot of certainty in the way she said that like a lot of people are convinced their way of seeing things must be correct and they won’t consider any other perspective.

That would describe most doctors I’ve seen in my life – and I’ve seen a lot. That’s part of the problem with the so-called healthcare industry.

I don’t know that many doctors, but this does seem to be a common phenomenon for many people about a lot of things.

I agree , enlightened doctors seem to be a very small minority. I liked that short movie clip you posted a few days ago. Interesting combination of wacky but profound.

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Oh are you talking about Dr. Neuman (Ben Stein) in The Mask? That was a funny clip.

Lot of profound mythology in movies if you look closely, in this other clip I’m still trying to figure out why he says “funeral bouquets are deductible,” is that him saying, “If you’re going to shoot me, you can deduct the cost of flowers for my funeral on your tax filing!?” Lol what a great reply to “Where’s my money!?”

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