The Fourth Turning and the Fourth War

Clif High joins Jay Weidner to discuss a plethora of items including the fourth world war, the fourth turning, fourth generational warfare, and the turning of the tide. Clif anticipates a new world without fear and with great prosperity. We just have to get through the next few years. The Fourth Turning and the Fourth War - YouTube


Thanks for posting. Two of my favorites. Optimism breeds miracles.

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I have listened to Cliff for a decade and he is not very accurate but very entertaining especially as he talked about insectoids. Don’t allow hope porn and the fiction of a self professed schizophrenic keep you from your personal obligations of the intent of your heart.


Everyone interacting in the CIA toy world needs to be a tad off beat, helps as a survival technique.
Internet screens are strictly entertainment…
Interesting tidbits never a meal.