The Giza Death Star Destroyed arrived yesterday

Been waiting to obtain the 3rd Giza Death Star book before starting to read the first two. The problem was finding a copy of the 3rd book. As you know, the good doctor updated Giza Death Star Destroyed and it is now available on LuLu.

In a quick peruse, saw JPF references David Flynn’s Cydonia, which is a vverrry interesting book. Just keep finding and picking up shining stones.


I read it the first of the three-volume series Giza Death Star. A difficult read. Now I’m halfway through the second book Giza Death Star Deployed and I’m a fast reader. But an even harder read.
I can’t even imagine what awaits me in the third book of the series.
But that’s the beauty and challenge of reading. Anyway, I think what’s contained in these books far surpasses anything I’ve ever listened to on the Doc JPF when he was guest on the Byte Show or on the Forum Borealis etc. , or what i have seen in the Stargate movies and other films. Happy reading.:smirk:

True, reading Dr. Farrell’s books is not light reading. LOL Maybe that’s why some people like to listen to his interviews instead. You know, we have exchanged ideas about Stargate before. Well, just finishing Earth Final Conflict series and everything is in those episodes too! Beginning to think all this is a warning from God, rather than the compulsory “Translation of Method” before a spell is deployed. Either way, it is just too close to what has and is happening to be happenstance.

Am a bit down today since, even though we were warned, people are dying, changing, and harder to reach with the reality of it all.


What can i say?All true.Exept the part of the “god” and “gods” some of them being false and all.Think in terms of Yahweh the twofaced “god”.All else good though.:smirk:

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One true; the other a counterfeit.

Well, here’s a thought. Of all the gods dealt with in the Stargate series, whether they are Egyptian, Chinese, Slavic, etc., in no episode is Yahweh mentioned as a god in general, nor as a false god. One wonders why that is so, right? :smirk:

Those “gods” in Stargate are like the mighty men of renown, false gods of not-myth - probably Nephilim. Real, but counterfeit. Beside those “gods”, in the show, were humans inhabited by gulud (sp?) parasite-like snakes.

The Old Testament, Talmud, apocryphal books and other ancient writings attest to their reality.


There were no snakelike false parasitic gods in the original Stargate film 1984.
Instead there was fullbody parasite in the body of the young man.
That was more close to some truths but was eliminated from the series.Why?It had to be that way.
How parasites inhabit the host had to be downplayed to some small and ridiculous snake forms of life.

Watched the entire TV series this year. Will have to go back and watch the movie.

Thinking I have an entire binge compulsive disorder or something, since watched all the *Earth Final Conflict series this year, as well.

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As for the false gods besides the Goaul’d which is a description of the gods of gold and the power that comes from it ie the gods of gold, in relation to the false gods I was thinking more of these Ori gods who are nothing but metaphorical description of the flame gods.
You know as a "God "that appeared to Moses in the form of a burning bush didn’t he? The Nephilim in this story would be the Unas beings.

Are those series worth watching?

Anyway i think this film is worth watching.It’s Russian film in two parts I think. Something with the waters. They use the water for everything from fuel to everything else. Interesting concept in any case and a well done movie.And there is AI also.
In the final battle there are waters from below and waters from above etc…

Yes, they are worth seeing if you want to see what we are told now and what the shows were portraying then, under the cover of fiction.

Waters: Gensis1:6-7 KJV: 6. And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters. 7. And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: [emphases mine] A thought: those who follow the Dark, prefer desert areas.

So is anything noteworthy happening to water on Earth?

Thinking the Ori are fallen angels. Remember the counterfeit of all that is of God.

Can you give me the link to the third book on lulu.
I am confused I thought there was a reprint thru Walter Bosley being book 1&2 and that the Giza Deathstar Revisited would be thru Adventure Unlimited.

But you are saying the revisited book is on lulu?

full movie


@neru Hi! Merry Christmas. Sorry to be so long - Christmas and all. This is the link THE GIZA DEATH STAR

Found it under books - this site, then at the bottom of page, which links to Lulu. Hope this helps.


Oh, yes, lots of exciting( and dare one say hopeful) stuff happening with water from inquuring minds:
[ not a movie — a conversation]

Phases of water, Consciousness of water, Love from water &c.

Merry Christmas!

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