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I’m not one to gloat and say “I told you so,” but… I told you so, except I’m not gloating. If you’ve been following the crypto-currency phenomenon - or worse, if you had invested in them - then you’ll be aware that there has been a massive meltdown in crypto-currencies, with an estimated $300 billion-plus…


$300 billion - the same amount taken from the Russians in their foreign reserves.
How convenient!

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Will their fake markets collapse today? Please God. Send these bastards to hell where they belong.

Ethereum blockchain has some utility if implemented as a distributed computing rail, the rest is just a load of old rubbish. You might get lucky if captain Elon decides to pump a toadcoin or whatever the latest knock off is doing the rounds. I prefer a punt on the dogs myself but each to their own.

Ethereum is a garbage heap of over-coded garbage. A distributed computing rail limited to 8-12 transactions per second is bunk.

The crypto cull must come. And many moron blockchains are going to get cleared. Because MOST of them are USELESS.

I hope you know what you are doing.

I pretty much just turn up all day and bark at the screen hoping that the little green arrow will come on, that’s how markets work right? I might have to go and have a word with myself.


The biggest problem with the current state of cryptos is that the value is based on scam fiats imo.

Since the assets they are backed on is already a scam then of course its going to be manipulated.
Because the people controling the fiat can just print more dollars and pump and dump whenever they want.

Of course there are other issues like back doors into everyones computers/phones.
So if someone makes a big splash they can just “hack” em etc.

But the idea of people having a ledger with full control of their assets is sound imo.
Whatever the future economic system (s?) will be i havent seen a better idea.

But honestly the whole idea of making money by trading money is the real problem with finance in general.
Money should be a stable asset used to trade goods.
Not something you horde and use to squeeze wealth from less educated people.

So i see potential with the technology of used to change the concept of money.
But we have a long way to go before that is close to reality.