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I’ve given up trying to wake those around me.
Working on self-sufficiency and exercising personal medical advocacy is the best I can do.

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I hear ya. Many awakened feeling the same way.

Unlike most, fortunately and to the best of my knowledge, those around me who have submitted, seem to be enjoying good health - or at least appear to be.

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I have not seen any serious side effects among the few vaxxed I live around, however, my friend in HI has seen a few people with very serious neurological side effects. I live in a minority community, so few are vaxxed and very little Covid here.


The side effects that I have seen are mental health issues. Something that is hard to detect unless you know the person. @ebmason Including minor neurological effects. This could be one reason why we are living in an echo chamber. Maybe we need to be more supportive of each other, in order to strengthen our spirit for what is coming down the road.

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Happy Turkey dixiejrt! I’m checking email before cooking, else, messy keyboard.

The same way I don’t believe all the numbers of reported jabbed, I don’t believe the “massive” death numbers either; there’s disinfo on both sides. (Love that Stalin playbook!)

This coming Winter might tell us much.

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Happy T-day to you too!
I have to trust those with friends or family who have suffered, but often truth often lies somewhere in between.
Time will tell - you may be correct that perhaps we’ll know more on the other side of winter.

Agree. We just don’t know quite enough yet.
Enjoy our gatherings!